Blanket Forts & Fun


I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but I’m a kid at heart. I love my children because I can do fun things that would may not be acceptable if I did them on my own. My husband is also just as silly and we were thinking of something cool to do on a Sunday when we were all home. Then I saw the best a idea to get them off of the computer. A BLANKET FORT. I was on pinterest and google for literally hours trying to see easy and unique ways to make a cool fort, and finally I found the perfect one. The Beetle Shack had this great DIY they had done, and I decided we should try out.

Photo Credit: The Beetle Shack

The Coolest Blanket Fort Made With A Kitchen Table

My hubby was down for it, so that Sunday we gathered all the things we could on that morning before the kids had even woken up. I fortunately had my trusty sidekick (husband) to help me out with cutting out all of the windows and it turned out almost the same as the one we found.

 I’m really bad at taking step pictures so here are my detailed steps for you to follow along with!

Supplies you’re going to need.

Bankets & more blankets! | We grabbed old blankets we no longer use

Ribbons | We used ribbon to make the lining of the windows.

Scissors | These were used to cut the blankets & Ribbon

Fabric Glue | We used this to glue the ribbons and sheets together

Ducktape | To tape our walls

Step One | We gathered all of our old blankets that we had and started designing where each one would go. We weren’t sure if the people in the picture sewed the blankets together but we were too lazy and decided to ducktape the blankets on to the table. If you’re worried about ruining your table, there are other tapes that are made to protect surfaces.

Step Two | Once we have figured out what blanket is going on what side of the table we cut the doorway out and the windows out.

Step Three | We glued the ribbons around the holes to make them look better. Once we finished the outside we taped them to the table.

Step Four | Pause and feed children

Step Five | Put clean blankets on the floor so they aren’t playing on the tile.

Once the little ones woke up and saw the fort, they could barely contain their excitement. They had no issue eating breakfast that morning (Except Delilah, she wasn’t very impressed) because they wanted to play. My husband and I high fived each other pretty impressed with our work and let them play. Towards  the end of the day we decided to do our regular movie night inside the tent. So we grabbed pillows and blankets and made it where we could fit all of us. We then used an extension chord to bring the TV to the Kitchen and put it in the fort. We plugged in the DVD player and watched Finding Nemo.

There is something extremely satisfying about laying with your family under a tent you and your husband built while watching a really awesome Disney film.