Buying A New Car Seat

Baby in a safety car seat

Should buying a car seat be this difficult to decide? Yes. 

When you’re a new mother and you are preparing for your first child, the first thing that you want to make sure you get is a car seat. Unless you don’t drive.. but I have a feeling you’re still going to need a car seat some day in your life. You can either buy one new, or if you know someone that is selling their gently used car seat and you trust them you can always buy it from them. Most people are hesitant to buy used car seats because they don’t know if the car seat was in an accident (which would be rude if they were selling you one that was in an accident) or it just has too much wear and tear on it. There are two types of car seats that you can purchase when you are first purchasing one.

The first thing I did was look up which brand was the best to go with. There were so many that I was overwhelmed. All these sites had so many options and I tried to read blogs but it didn’t help my decision. I eventually went with Evenflo car seats, and it was a great decision. My children have no issues and are comfortable in their car seats whether we are going on vacation or we are going to their grandparents house twenty minutes from us.

New Evenflo car seats can be expensive, but you can always get a car seat that was made the year before.

There’s the Infant Car Seat, the Convertible Car Seat (Not a car seat specifically for convertible cars, which is what I first thought when I read about them. Don’t judge, I was young), and All-in-one Car seats.

I have attached three photos. The Infant car seat, the two in one and the convertible car seat from Evenflo.

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Infant Car Seats: They are beneficial and fit you infant perfectly. I personally did not end up getting an infant car seat for any of my children, since they grew so fast.

The Convertible Car Seats: This car seat holds babies and toddlers. It works for children that weight 5 – 65lbs. This is a great car seat for your infant to grow in and get comfortable in. They will get accustomed to this seat and you will not deal with having to switch from the infant car seat to a car seat suitable for toddlers. It also saves money if you are on a budget. Rather than spending money on two car seats, than you can buy this one and have the two in one. This car seat “converts” from rear facing to forward facing.

All In One Car Seats: If you are looking for an ultimate package, than this is the car seat for you. The car seat holds children that weigh from 5 – 110lbs. This seat can be used for rear facing as well as forward facing. This seat has everything the Convertible one does, except it can later be used as a booster seat as your child begins to grow.

If Evenflo car seats are not for you, other great brands to keep an eye out include Graco, Britax, Safety First, and Recaro. As you can tell it is all about preference. Since it had been a while since my mother had to buy car seats, we realized that there was more to it than just picking one out.

When you buy your car seat before you have your little one, be sure to test it out and learn how to buckle it in and take it out. You do not want to be rushing and struggling with the car seat, it’s always a mess. So master your skills with your car seats.

Something to consider: Let them do it.

I find it to be very educational that my children learn to buckle themselves in to their seats. At times I get a little flustered because I’m rushing to go somewhere but it’s really important to get your children used to securing themselves into their seats. It’s very important to double check their work to make sure they did it right and of course if they are struggling then step in and help.