The Hard Transition: Bottle To Sippy Cup

sippy cup


I must not be the only one who had issues getting their kids to let go of the bottle! My two boys loved their bottles. They had a specific color that they enjoyed drinking from. Which we thought was cute in the beginning, but trying to get them to drink their milk from a sippy cup was more difficult than expected. There is a good article that I read titled “When Should A Baby Stop Using A Bottle”, posted on the New Kids Center website. This article explains how there are negative effects with having them drink from the bottle for too long.


The negative effects include:

1. Weight Gain

2. Bottle Attachment & Difficulty sleeping alone.

3. Tooth Decay.

Yikes. That doesn’t sound like too much fun. My method to get my boys to let go of the bottle may not be something you read straight out of a book, but it worked! So if nothing you are trying works, maybe this will help!

The first step we did was introduce sippy cups. They were cool and colorful and looked like a lot of fun. We naturally told them that these cups were for big boys and you drank big boy drinks from them. So they loved the sippy cups which we put water and apple juice in them. Just so they could get used to that idea of drinking out of the cup. We still were giving them just milk from the bottle and were trying to slowly get them to stop drinking out of the bottle. So we put the milk in the sippy cups and gave it to them and they cried and did not like it. We tried to explain that the milk in bottles were only for babies and they retorted with “No big boys, we are babies”. Which in my opinion was the cutest thing in the world because they didn’t want to grow up and that’s how it should be! But as we all know well, we unfortunately DO have to grow up. So I kept on with the method and switched it. I told them if you drink from the Sippy Cup now, than you can drink from the bottle tomorrow.

We also wanted them to get off this routine of constantly drinking milk as often as they were because they were now getting older. So we began to dilute the milk a little with water. This helped with the transition of taking them off milk every single day as well.

Some days, the wouldn’t mind the sippy cup at all, it was great. Other days they just really wanted their bottles and complained until we gave it to them. Eventually we told them that we lost their bottles and apologized and brought out brand new ninja turtle sippy cups. They were too excited about their favorite cartoon being on their cup that they drank the milk without any issues.

Now they are four and still have some issues with the bottles and sometimes they ask for them, and we tell them that they are still lost. We now have a variety of regular plastic cups that they love to keep them entertained, like Despicable Me, Spider-man, Ninja Turtles, and so forth. The transition to regular cups was even easier because we kept getting “cool” cups that they enjoyed and they didn’t notice there wasn’t a lid.

Now that my daughter is coming to the age that we need to get her off the bottle, we have slowly been giving her some sippy cups for water and juice just like my two sons. I’m hoping that they influence her to want to drink out of a “big girl cup” just like her brothers.