Little Pizza Makers! Rainy Day Food Activity

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How to Deal with Rainy Days

One  morning my family and I awoke to a huge thunderstorm that was passing through. It then began to drizzle and rain throughout the entire day which put a damper (pun intended) on the day for the kids. I remembered I had bought some ingredients to try out a homemade pizza and wala! This rainy day was saved by homemade pizza. Thus making my little ones into Little Pizza Makers! So we made the pizza and watched Wall-E together as we ate our pizza. This doesn’t just have to be done on a rainy day, it just happened to be rainy when my family and I did it!

With this first post, I wanted to add a great snack idea that involves your children and their tummies.


I give them the power to design their own pizza with my help of course. This gives them a chance to feel like they have made something all by themselves as well as a chance to learn that cooking is a fun thing at a young age which can motivate them to want to learn how to cook when they get older.

Things You Will Need:

  • Pizza Pan
  • Pizza Crust — Already prepared or homemade dough
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese (and any other cheese)
  • Toppings

Depending on how much time we have, sometimes we will go and make the dough, or buy dough and stretch it out, or we just buy the already made pizza crusts.

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MaryMay’s is the brand of crust I suggest because they offer a variety of crusts that accommodate everyone. If your children cannot eat gluten, they’ve started to sell some that are gluten free. I have attached a picture of what we usually get when buying the already made pizza crusts.

These crusts only come in circle shapes and sometimes squares. If you are looking on a pizza that is shaped differently, I suggest you by dough or you can make homemade dough!


Now, you can buy whichever pizza sauce you prefer to go on it. You can find these in the pasta sauce section. Ragu, Hunts, and Prego all are great brands that have pizza sauce. So you evenly spread the sauce around, add as much as you prefer. You then add your cheese and whatever other toppings you and your children like. It’s always fun to make faces on your pizzas or you can always just have them spread it however they prefer. It’s supposed to be simple and fun. Once they are finished, then you put it to bake and have them play or watch a movie while they wait! When they see the finished product they will be so excited and proud.