Last Friday evening, we decided to go to dinner for my Husband’s birthday. We invited many of our friends who have young children because we we’re bringing our kids as well. We all sat down at the table, and I could not help but notice how hard it was for our friend’s kids to interact with our children. They just seemed so shy and disconnected. We had been friends with this family for a while, but something seemed so different. The children, started throwing fits, and wouldn’t play nicely with our kids.Continue reading


I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but I’m a kid at heart. I love my children because I can do fun things that would may not be acceptable if I did them on my own. My husband is also just as silly and we were thinking of something cool to do on a Sunday when we were all home. Then I saw the best a idea to get them off of the computer. A BLANKET FORT. I was on pinterest and google for literally hours trying to see easy and unique ways to make a cool fort, and finally I found the perfect one. The Beetle Shack had this great DIY they had done, and I decided we should try out.Continue reading

I love Imaginary Friends. Schoolboy writing on a chalkboard.

As a child, I was always very creative. My imagination would run wild, sending me off to different adventures every day. It was easy to be in my own world, no one was bothering me and I made the rules. I think that is when I “met” or “created” my imaginary friend. I remember her name was SHELBY and she was pretty harmless. Maybe I made her up because I was the only girl of four and maybe wanted a sister but I remember always “being better” than her at every thing I did. It was probably unhealthy and I’m sure a little strange but I eventually grew up without Shelby and left her in my past.

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