Crafts  children

When your kids are growing up, it is best to expose them to many different things, so they can try to find what works best for them, and find out what they like.  There are so many opportunities for little kids in art, sports, music, writing, playing, or anything else really.  Some kids like to participate in Karate, which isn’t exactly your typical children’s “sport”, but is certainly competitive.  Other kids like to do ceramics, which is a certain kind of art, but not your typical “drawing and painting” class.  Some kids have interests in more than one of these things, and that’s great too.  Kids can like a whole plethora of things.  Some of these things they will find on their own, but for other things, you can help guide them by giving them a little exposure.

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time to spend time with our kids. There is always a home project or renovation needing done. We are always having to fix or clean something it can take up all your time. When I need services like this, I save time and money by using ProSaver.  Check it out!

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Composition with assorted raw organic vegetables


If you want to save money while grocery shopping and not tempt yourself, be fully hydrated!  Hydration is an integral part of the “full” satiated feeling, especially when trying to save money while buying groceries.  If you drink water, you will eat less, and be more fit.  The more fit you are, the more you save!.  In the same vein, you want to avoid shopping for sugary foods.  These are high in calories, but provide little to no benefits nutritionally.  These little snacks seem like a good stop gap when you’re hungry but the cost for these foods add up and have no nutritional value.    This causes a cascade where you crave sugar and continue to waste money buying sugar food.Continue reading

Burglar breaking into a house via a window with a crowbar


If you’re on a budget as many of us are, constantly trying to save at all costs, it may seem that alarm and security systems would be last on the list of essentials.  But don’t be confused!  Alarm and security systems are just as important even on a budget, perhaps even especially when on one.  Though in general alarm and security systems are becoming cheaper on average, you can still save once you know what you want.  I was one of those people on a budget that felt that I didn’t a security or alarm system because I was trying to save money.  But once I figured out that I could secure my possessions and my interests and still save money, the decision was a no-brainer! Continue reading



Last Friday evening, we decided to go to dinner for my Husband’s birthday. We invited many of our friends who have young children because we we’re bringing our kids as well. We all sat down at the table, and I could not help but notice how hard it was for our friend’s kids to interact with our children. They just seemed so shy and disconnected. We had been friends with this family for a while, but something seemed so different. The children, started throwing fits, and wouldn’t play nicely with our kids.Continue reading


I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but I’m a kid at heart. I love my children because I can do fun things that would may not be acceptable if I did them on my own. My husband is also just as silly and we were thinking of something cool to do on a Sunday when we were all home. Then I saw the best a idea to get them off of the computer. A BLANKET FORT. I was on pinterest and google for literally hours trying to see easy and unique ways to make a cool fort, and finally I found the perfect one. The Beetle Shack had this great DIY they had done, and I decided we should try out.Continue reading

I love Imaginary Friends. Schoolboy writing on a chalkboard.

As a child, I was always very creative. My imagination would run wild, sending me off to different adventures every day. It was easy to be in my own world, no one was bothering me and I made the rules. I think that is when I “met” or “created” my imaginary friend. I remember her name was SHELBY and she was pretty harmless. Maybe I made her up because I was the only girl of four and maybe wanted a sister but I remember always “being better” than her at every thing I did. It was probably unhealthy and I’m sure a little strange but I eventually grew up without Shelby and left her in my past.

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Autism concept: Pawns in different colors on top of toy dice

When my boys were over a year old, they still weren’t saying much. I figured they were late bloomers when it came to talking and it didn’t concern me. Until they were about 2 and a half and still were struggling to speak. I was getting a little nervous. They spoke to each other in their own babble, but never English.

My first thought was that they were autistic. I took my boys to a speech therapist and spoke to them about the situation. To my relief, the doctors had determined they were not autistic. It was almost ignorant of me to have thought that my children being autistic would be the worst possible thing in the world. I’ll tell you now, it’s not.

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Baby in a safety car seat

Should buying a car seat be this difficult to decide? Yes. 

When you’re a new mother and you are preparing for your first child, the first thing that you want to make sure you get is a car seat. Unless you don’t drive.. but I have a feeling you’re still going to need a car seat some day in your life. You can either buy one new, or if you know someone that is selling their gently used car seat and you trust them you can always buy it from them. Most people are hesitant to buy used car seats because they don’t know if the car seat was in an accident (which would be rude if they were selling you one that was in an accident) or it just has too much wear and tear on it. There are two types of car seats that you can purchase when you are first purchasing one.

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sippy cup


I must not be the only one who had issues getting their kids to let go of the bottle! My two boys loved their bottles. They had a specific color that they enjoyed drinking from. Which we thought was cute in the beginning, but trying to get them to drink their milk from a sippy cup was more difficult than expected. There is a good article that I read titled “When Should A Baby Stop Using A Bottle”, posted on the New Kids Center website. This article explains how there are negative effects with having them drink from the bottle for too long.Continue reading

smiling pizza

How to Deal with Rainy Days

One  morning my family and I awoke to a huge thunderstorm that was passing through. It then began to drizzle and rain throughout the entire day which put a damper (pun intended) on the day for the kids. I remembered I had bought some ingredients to try out a homemade pizza and wala! This rainy day was saved by homemade pizza. Thus making my little ones into Little Pizza Makers! So we made the pizza and watched Wall-E together as we ate our pizza. This doesn’t just have to be done on a rainy day, it just happened to be rainy when my family and I did it!

With this first post, I wanted to add a great snack idea that involves your children and their tummies.

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